High Risk Life Insurance – SLEEP APNEA

If you suffer of SLEEP APNEA and are looking for life insurance, please, read on. High Risk Life Insurance refers to people who currently have health issues or may have had health problems in the past and who now need life insurance. High Risk Life Insurance, or Impaired Risk Life Insurance, is a specialized part of the life insurance industry that aims at trying to place high risk individuals at affordable rates with top rated life insurance carriers.

 High risk individuals, from the life insurance company perspective are those applicants who do not meet the underwriting standards to qualify for the best underwriting class. These individuals also then to have a higher probability of dying earlier that other folks of the same age. Agents handling High Risk Life Insurance cases must be experienced and know which insurance carriers feel comfortable insuring different types of health risks.

At INSURANCE GLOBE PARTNERS, working with associates in the life insurance industry, we determine those cases than can be placed and the life insurance companies more likely to take the case. To achieve this goal, it is essential to have as much information up front as possible relative to the life insurance applicant.

This blog post focuses on SLEEP APNEA, a disorder where breathing stops and starts during sleep. Folks who suffer of SLEPP APNEA typically snore and experience fatigue and interruptions to oxygen flow. With the information that appears below we can start working on a case related to SLEEP APNEA:

  •  Male/Female
  • Date of Birth; Height; Weight
  • Tobacco Use
  • Amount of Coverage Desired
  • Type of Coverage (Term-Universal Life-Whole Life)
  • Family Health History
  • Date and Type of Diagnosis
  • Describe current treatment for SLEEP APNEA
  • Was surgery performed to correct the problem?
  • Have there been any side-effects and related details
  • What medications are being taken?
  • Description of other health problems

Once we obtain your health-related information, we start working on your behalf trying looking for the life insurance policy consistent with your needs.

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Special Needs Trust

What Is A Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust is created to ensure that beneficiaries who are disabled or mentally ill can enjoy the use of property which is intended to be held for their benefit.

In addition to personal planning reasons for such a trust (the person may lack the mental capacity to handle their financial affairs) there may be fiscal advantages to the use of a trust. Such trusts (sometimes referred to as “irrevocable trusts”) may also avoid beneficiaries losing access to essential government benefits. It is a mechanism that will allow the parents of a child with a special needs (for instance, a blind child) to provide for the financial needs of such child if the parents can no longer do so.

Financial Assets To Fund Special Needs Trusts

Obviously assets are needed to fund the trust that will provide for the financial needs of the, in this case, child. The person with special needs could also be an adult. If there are no assets readily identifiable to fund the trust, the trustee of the special needs trust may purchase a life insurance policy on the life of the person who has been providing for the financial needs of the child, which upon the death of such person, will then fund the trust.

A special needs trust is designed to:

  • Ensure that the assets are used to meet the financial needs of the person with special needs.
  • Preserve the federal or state benefits that such person is entitled to receive

 It should also be noted that:

  • Using a life insurance policy to fund the trust, the death benefit proceeds are received by the trust income-tax-free.
  • The death benefits can be excluded from the estate value for federal tax purposes.
  • The trustee can access the cash value of the whole life policy if the provider who cares for the child can no longer provide such care.

 NOTE: This writing is not legal advice. Each person’s situation is different and being a financial matter that requires the drafting of legal documents (for, instance, an irrevocable life insurance trust) an attorney, or legal adviser, must be consulted before reaching any decisions regarding the creation of the special needs trust. As life insurance agents, we will work with your attorney or legal adviser in selecting the best whole life policy to meet your financial situation. Or if you do not have a legal adviser, or attorney, we can recommend two or three for you to select the one you would prefer to work with.

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Instant Life Insurance Quote

For an instant life insurance quote, look no more, you will find it right here.

Types Of Life Insurance Quotes

Here you can obtain instant quotes for Term Life Insurance, or Universal Life insurance, or Return of Premium Life Insurance. After you have decided as to the face amount of the policy, what  type of policy fits your need, as well as the term of the policy  and the premium you can afford, click on Request an Application to start the process of filing an application with the insurance company you have selected.

Or you may click on Request Free Evaluation, provide your specific information, click on Send, and one of our licensed agents will contact you with recommendations as to the best life insurance options for you.

About Health Category

Besides Date of Birth, Sex, Face Amount, Term, whether or not you use, or used, Tobacco Products, etc., you also need to make a choice about your Health Category. A lot of folks tend to overestimate the quality of their health. Others are not completely truthful about it hoping the insurance company will not catch on the existing heart condition, or similar health issue. The fact is that insurance companies, during the underwriting process, carefully review medical records and related information as a result of which they can establish the correct Health Category for the applicant, a very important element in determining the cost of life insurance. So it is always better to be accurate and truthful upfront, which will save time to all involved.

In addition, if us, your agent, is aware of any health condition you may have, or had, it will allow us to do a better job for you finding the life insurance company more suited to underwrite your case. Not all insurance companies have the same level of desire if handling applications where, for instance, the applicant had a heart attack. Some are more experienced in underwriting these cases than others, which typically will result in a more competetively priced premium

In any event, as you may be aware, the Health Categories are, from top (least expensive premium) to bottom (most costly premium): Preferred Best, Preferred, Standard Plus and Standard.

What Is Your Next Step To Find The Right Policy For You?

So, while it may sound complicated to obtain a simple life insurance quote, it is not. And to make it even easier for you, one of our licensed agents can help you through the process. Call us at our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376; or, go to Contact Us  and one of our licensed agents will get in touch with you ASAP!

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Act Now!

Do not delay it! Now is always the best time to obtain life insurance. The probability are that because of increased age and posible deteriorating health, life insurance tends to always be more expensive tomorrow that it is today.

Life Insurance For Children

If you are a parent or grandparent, you should consider life insurance for children.

A Lasting Gift

One lasting gift you can give to a child or grandchild is the gift of a life insurance policy. It may not be as exciting as a new toy, but the death benefit protection and cash value potential that come with it can provide a significant foundation for a child’s financial needs later in life. More and more clients are asking for help in regards to planning for their futures, such as death benefit protection, supplementing retirement, future education needs, and estate planning. The gift of life insurance can provide long-lasting value to a child or grandchild.

Why children’s life insurance?

  • Protects Insurability.  Most children will easily meet the medical underwriting requirements to issue an insurance policy. However, at older ages, medical conditions and other hazards may prevent the individual from purchasing a policy at reasonable rates.
  • It May Come at Relatively Low Rates. For any specific insurance policy, the younger the person is, the lower the rate. Furthermore, the earlier the age a person becomes insured, the less total premiums will be paid to age 65.
  • It May Provide Funds Later in Life. Many life insurance policies accumulate tax-deferred cash value growth. These cash values may be accessed via generally tax-free loans later in life to help with future college tuition costs, the purchase of a home or even supplemental retirement income.
  • It Creates a Legacy of Love. Life insurance helps provide opportunity and protection for your child today and in the future.
  • It Helps Protect Parents. In the event of the loss of a child, the proceeds indemnify the parents against the financial burden that may arise from funeral costs…etc. Life insurance plays an important role in protecting a family from financial hardship.


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