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Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates – September 2016

Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates – September 2016

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! It is a good time to review your financial situation and make sure that you have adequate life insurance to address the most common financial risks in our life, the main one being the untimely death of the main breadwinner in the household. Will your family be able to continue to pay the mortgage and provide for the college education of your children? Below there is a list of affordable term life insurance rates. Choose the one that works for you and call (786) 353-2528.

Find the Term Life Insurance policy below that best fits your personal and financial situation. Then call us and we will guide you through the process of completing and filing the application with the life insurance company, getting the appointment for a (free) physical exam, which the insurance company requires and answer any questions you may have, until (hopefully) the policy is issued and delivered to you.

The rates that appear below are all from life insurance companies rated “A” or better by A. M. Best, the leading company that provides a financial rating for life insurance companies. The rates are for individuals who are healthy enough to qualify for “Best Health Class”, which results in the most competitive premium rates. If, however, you have a health condition such as: High Blood Pressure; Diabetes; High Cholesterol; Overweight; etc.,  that may prevent you from getting the “Best Health Class” premium rates, we still can help you. Call us at (786) 353-2528 and we will work with you and try to get for you the policy that fits your personal and financial situation.

Sample Term Life Insurance Rates


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