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Now is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance!

Now is the Best Time to Buy Life Insurance!

Yes, now is the best time to buy life insurance. If you are considering buying life insurance, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons, which are among the 5 top reasons why people buy life insurance:

  • Providing income for the family in the event of the death of the primary income earner.
  • Paying off debt.
  • Covering funeral expenses.
  • Passing wealth to heirs.
  • Being able to pay for a loved one’s education in the event of the death of an income earner.

Whatever the reason, NOW is the best time to buy life insurance.

Not only are premiums lower than in many years, but tomorrow we will be older and likely not as healthy as today, both factors that could have a negative impact on life insurance premiums.

So, if you are looking for life insurance…

Click on the link below and you will be able to (in the privacy of your home, with little agent intervention) find the Term Life Insurance, or Universal Life Insurance, or Return of Premium Life Insurance policy that best fits your personal and financial goals.

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4 Ways To Save On Life Insurance

4 Ways To Save On Life Insurance

If you are like a lot of people, you would like to find ways to save on life insurance. Here you will find 4 ways to save on life insurance.

Many americans, some say upwards of 50 million, have absolutely no life insurance protection. The reason is that most of them, about 85%, believe they can’t afford it. However, please, take a look at the information we are sharing below:

4 Money-Saving Tips:4 ways to save on life insurance

  1. Don’t Overbuy. If you need $500,000 in coverage, you would waste money purchasing $750,000.
  2. Stop Smoking. Kicking the habit could reduce your life insurance premium by 40%.
  3. Buy Term Life Insurance. A 40-year-old male can buy $250,000 of coverage for less than $18 per month.
  4. Shop Around. Rates vary, some times wildly, from carrier to carrier, and comparing quotes is the best way to find affordable rates.


What Could Be the Consequences of not Having Life Insurance?

  • You say you can’t afford life insurance right now. But how would your surviving spouse come up with an amount equivalent to the life insurance benefits when you are dead and gone?
  • Are you saying it takes all of your income to live now with nothing left to pay for life insurance? If so, what is your family going to do with little or no income after you are gone?
  • When you buy life insurance you are transferring the risk of your family not having your income, if you are not around to provide it, to the life insurance company. Without life insurance, it is your family (your spouse and your children) the one that is assuming that financial risk.
  • Click on A Legacy Of Love ( a video).

We Can Help!4 ways to save on life insurance

We can help you find the life insurance policy that best fits your personal and financial situation.

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Business Succession and Term Life Insurance

Business Succession and Term Life Insurance

A business owner’s greatest asset is most often his or her business. Ensuring a comfortable retirement means getting the most value out of the business that he or she can. Life insurance can play a key role to help make sure that the owner receives the full value of the business in the event of a business-purchase situation. One common situation is to use life insurance to secure the financing and payment of a closely held business buy-out.


John, age 45, has agreed to buy the business owned by his boss, Bill, who is retiring. John will purchase the business for $4 million over a 10-year period. While John is a good credit for the loan, Bill wants to make sure that if something were to happen to John, the terms of the deal would be met.


John secures life insurance in case he dies during the payment period. NEEDS: Enough life insurance to satisfy the purchase agreement, yet affordable.  A  Term Life Insurance policy maturing in 10 years with a $4 million face amount is an affordable way to resolve the situation. Bill can be named the beneficiary of the policy to the extent of the outstanding balance on the purchase price of the business, or the policy can be assigned to as collateral. An added benefit to the policy is that John can name his wife as beneficiary of any remaining death benefit.

Current Term Life Insurance Rates

The chart below shows current Term Life Insurance rates for different ages:

What To Do Next?

If you are a business owner in a situation similar to the one described above, we can help you find the insurance policy that best meets your personal and financial situation. Contact us as indicated below:

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