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Affordable Life Insurance Rates – April 2017

Affordable Life Insurance Rates

Below you will find current affordable life insurance rates for TERM LIFE INSURANCE, GUARANTEED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE (a competitively priced form of permanent life insurance) and RETURN OF PREMIUM Term Life Insurance. These rates were obtained for MALE/FEMALE, non smoker, qualifying for the Best Health Category, and for face amounts of $500,000.

About Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

TERM LIFE INSURANCE – Use  our INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE engine to obtain term life insurance quotes. You will be able to find term life insurance quotes for maturities of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years and others. You can also find term life insurance policies with maturities up to a certain age, such as “To Age 65 Level”; “to Age 90 Level”; etc. For a more detailed definition of Term Life Insurance, click HERE.

GUARANTEED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE (GUL)– If you are looking for permanent life insurance, GUL is the way to go. Select “to Age 121 Level (No Lapse UL) and you will find permenent life insurance rates for very competitive rates.. You can also search for affordable GUL life insurance rates using the INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE engine. You will life insurance protection until age 121 at an affordable price. “No Lapse”, by the way,  means exactly what it says, the coverage will not lapse provided that the premiums are paid as due. For details about what GUL is all about, click HERE.

RETURN-OF-PREMIUM TERM LIFE INSURANCE (ROP) – Return-of-Premium Term Life Insurance is term life insurance with a rider (at an added cost). What is does is return all premiums paid at the end of the term (10, 20, 30 years, etc.) if the insured is still alive at the end of the term and has paid all premiums as due and on time. Please, search for ROP quotes using our INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE engine. For more details about ROP, click HERE.

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