Online Return of Premium Term Life Insurance Quotes makes obtaining online Return Of Premium (ROP) term life insurance quotes easy.  Just click HERE and it will take you to our page where you will see an instant online quote form on the right hand side.  Below that, you will see three types of online life insurance quotes options; term life insurance quotes, universal life insurance quotes and online return of premium term life insurance quotes.  Click on return of premium term life insurance quotes and the page will reload.  You will now be able to complete the quote request form and get your free online instant return of premium term life insurance quotes.  Just fill in your birthdate, state, gender, tobacco use, health rating, coverage amount, level term period, first name, last name, email, phone number and click the instant quote button.  You will then be taken to a page that will display the top ten online return of premium term life insurance quotes from lowest premium to highest premium

What Is Different About Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance?

The great thing about online return of premium term life insurance is that in addition to leaving your beneficiaries a death benefit if you die during the level term period, it will also return 100% of your money back to you tax free if you live to the end of the term.  Term Life Insurance is great for getting low cost death benefit protection for a specific period of time, but most people will live beyond the term period and let their policies lapse without getting anything in return.  In exchange for paying a higher premium for the same level of death benefit protection, the insurance company will return all of your money to you at the end of the term period.  What you have to determine is whether it is worth paying the additional premium to get your money back.  Depending on how much more you have to pay to get your money back, it might or might not be appealing to you.

Can We Help You?

online return of premium term life insurance quotes

After you run your online return of premium term life insurance quotes, if you have any questions or are interested in applying for return of premium life insurance, give us a call.  If you prefer to have us run the return of premium life insurance quotes for you, just call us.

Call for your free online return of premium term life insurance quotes at 1-888-950-8376.

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High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

At We Can Help You With High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

One reason you might be considered high risk is if you engage in hazardous occupations or hobbies such as flying airplanes, racing car or boats, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc. Another reason is if you have a medical condition such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

How Do Life Insurance Companies View High Risk Applicants?

Both examples (hazardous occupations and medical conditions) would make you a higher risk for a life insurance company to insure. When a life insurance company considers you a higher risk, it means they will charge you an additional percentage rate depending on how high a risk they consider you to be given your occupation, hobby, etc.   These additional percentage rates charged by life insurance companies to high risk individuals result from what is called table ratings.

About Table Ratings

Each number in the table counts as an additional 25%.  So, if you are rated table 4 , you would be charged an additional 100% or in essence double that of a Standard Risk.  By the way, a Standard Risk health rating does not result in the least costly policy. The least expensive policy premium rates are for those individuals that qualify for a Preferred Best, also called Preferred Plus, health rating.

How Can We Help?

high risk life insurance quotes

At  we specialize in high risk and impaired risk situations. We can help you navigate the intricacies of submitting an application that could result  in a high risk rating.

Whether you have prostate cancer, sleep apnea, diabetes, an irregular heartbeat, skin cancer,  a coronary artery stent, or some other serious illness, it doesn’t always mean you will get declined or be charged a much higher rate for life insurance.  It may be that you tried 3 years ago with every company possible, but underwriting opinions can change over time, so you should try again periodically.

Our expertise in the area of high risk will help you shop the universe of possible insurers to find the best high risk life insurance company and high risk life insurance rates, whether you are looking for TERM LIFE INSURANCE, GUARANTEED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE or WHOLE LIFE (also called CASH VALUE) LIFE INSURANCE.

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If you thought you were uninsurable, but aren’t quite sure and would like to to test the market, can help you do just that.   Call us today at Toll Free Number  1-888-950-8376 and obtain your life insurance quotes including TERM LIFE INSURANCE, RETURN OF PREMIUM TERM LIFE INSURANCE and GUARANTEED UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE quotes here.

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Life Insurance Review

If you haven’t had a life insurance review in the last 5 yrs, you are long overdue.  Read more

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Life Insurance For Diabetics

If you have questions about life insurance for diabetics, please, read on.

Many diabetics believe that they are uninsurable and many insurance agents believe this to be the case as well.  However, this is not always true.  Read more

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Life Insurance For Wealth Transfer

What is a Wealth Transfer Strategy?

A wealth transfer strategy positions assets that may not be needed during one’s lifetime for efficient transfer to the next generation. An effective strategy transfers wealth to heirs in a financially sound and, in some cases, tax-advantaged manner.

Who Needs a Wealth Transfer Strategy?

Most anyone should be concerned with wealth transfer on some level. A common misconception is that wealth transfer strategies are only for the wealthy. While the wealthy may require sophisticated estate planning, a wealth transfer strategy is beneficial to everyone who has assets that will be transferred upon death. Depending on a person’s age, family status, and asset mix, the wealth transfer process may be as simple as repositioning assets and establishing a will, or as complex as establishing trusts and involving other tax-reducing strategies.


Life Insurance For Wealth Transfer

Read below about the role of life insurance for wealth transfer. Do not consider this article as tax advice. You should consult with your attorney or tax adviser to ensure that proper estate planning steps are taken with respect to your own financial, personal and tax situations.

Deciding what assets to pass to your children and grandchildren can be complicated.  That’s because when it comes to transferring wealth, all assets aren’t equal.  Different assets are subject to different costs and problems when they are transferred Read more