Buying Term LIfe Insurance


Buying Term Life Insurance

TODAY, rather than later in life, buying term life insurance is always the best time. Why is that? Because one of the factors that impacts life insurance rates is, of course, AGE, and you, and I, will never be younger than we are today.

The other important factor is your health. In fact, and you probably have noted, when you search for life insurance quotes online, that one of the pieces of information that goes into the form is “Health Category”. You will be expected to make a determination as to your Health Category. You will have to select one of four categories, namely, PREFERRED PLUS, PREFERRED, STANDARD PLUS or STANDARD, or similar terminology. The better your Health Category, the least expensive your premium. And, more likely than not, TODAY you (and I) will be healthier than later in life.

So, again, today is always the best time to buy term life insurance.

Regarding Health Category, be aware that the final determination as to what your Health Category is, will be made by the insurance company after receipt of a properly completed life insurance application and upon completion of the underwriting process.

Buy Term Today!

TODAY life insurance rates are lower than they have been in a long time. So, why postpone the decision for later in life and take a chance that rates may go up? Or, why take a chance that an unexpected sudden death will leave your family exposed to financial challenges the rest of their lives?

How Much Life Insurance Will You Need?

As you get ready to purchase term life insurance, the first decision you need to make is how much life insurance you will need. Below, is our LIFE INSURANCE NEEDS CALCULATOR. It is self-explanatory, but if you need assistance with it, give us a call at our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376.

Once you have determined how much life insurance you need, or can afford, proceed to the right of this page and enter your personal data in our INSTANT LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE engine. It will provide you with quotes available from top rated companies. It is also self-explanatory, but if you click on the link below, you will be taken to a video that will show you, step by step, how to get free term life insurance quotes using our Quote Engine.

Video On How To Get Term Life Insurance Quotes Online

Once you have determined the policy you would like to purchase, you can request the actual application right on the page where the quote appears. On the far right side of the quote line, click on “Request Application”, and we will email you the application and related documents immediately. We will also work with you to answer any questions that you may have. And, we will follow up with the insurance company you selected until the policy has been issued. Or, you can call our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376, to request the application and we will take it from there.

How to Get Your Personalized Quote

You can skip all of the above and let us do all the work for you by simply calling our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376; or click on CONTACT US, and one of our agents will work with you, at no cost to you, on finding the life insurance policy that best meets your own personal and financial objectives.

So, Get The Financial Protection Your Family Needs, NOW!


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