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Have You Protected Your Income?

Disability happens. You can’t predict whether or when it will strike. However, you can prepare in case it does, with a customized Disability Income Insurance plan. This protection can replace a portion of your income to help maintain your current lifestyle if you suffer a disability covered by the policy. Your income is one of your most valuable assets and has the potential to be substantial over your working lifetime. But to earn it, you must be able to work.



What Do You Do When The Income Stops?

These days, if you can say, “Life is good”, you are fortunate. Fortunate to have your health, your income and a comfortable lifestyle. Have your thought about what would happen if all three were disrupted by a disabling illness or injury? If you do not have disability income insurance, how are you going to be able to make ends meet?

One Day Is There, The Next Day Is Not

We often take our income for granted, even in the most “secure” of jobs. However, nobody’s income is guaranteed. You are earning a living, but if you suffered a serious illness or infury that prevented you from working, then your income would stop.

How would you live without income for weeks, months, or even years? Your basic needs continue – food, clothing, shelter – even after your ability to meet them is cut off.

A long-term disability can be financially devastating, when no money is coming in and expenses for medical care are rising. Your ability to earn an income is a valuable asset that can, and should, be well-protected. Unless you already have it, you should be looking into getting long term disability for individuals.


Leading Causes Of Disability

Below appears the percentage of existing long-term disability claims by cause during the year of 2013:

  • Muscle, back and joint disorders – 28%
  • Spine and nervous system-related disorders – 15.2%
  • Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases – 12.4%
  • Cancer and tumors – 9.1%
  • Mental illness and behavioral disorders – 7.7%
  • Accidents, injuries and poinsonings – 7.7%
  • Respiratory system disorders – 3.0%
  • Pregnancy, complications of pregnancy and childbirth – 1.7%
  • Other – 14.5%

It would be a mistake to think that it cannot happen to you. One never knows what would happen from one day to the next.

A Video That You Should See!

Please, click on the link that appears below for a video from MASS MUTUAL about DISABILITY INCOME INSURANCE:

VIDEO – The Basics: Disability Income Insurance by MASS MUTUAL

What Next?

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

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