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High Risk Life Insurance – HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE

If you have been avoiding life insurance because you think that your specific illness will make life insurance prohibitively expensive for you, please, read on. High Risk Life Insurance refers to people who currently have health issues or may have had health problems previously. They may be able to qualify for life insurance. High Risk Life Insurance is also referred to as Impaired Risk Life Insurance. It aims at trying to find life insurance policies at affordable rates for high risk individuals and placed them with high quality life insurance carriers.

What Is High Risk Life Insurance?

Applicants who do not meet the underwriting standards to qualify for one of the four basic underwriting classes, namely, PREFERRED PLUS, PREFERRED, STANDARD PLUS, or STANDARD,  are considered High Risk individuals, from a life insurance perspective. Because of their own health situation, they have a higher probability of dying earlier that other folks of the same age, and this have a negative impance on life insurance premiums.

So What Do You Do?

Do not assume that you automatically fall in this category because you have a condition such as high blood pressure, os similar. You need to let the insurance company decide once they have an opportunity to evaluate your health situation. Agents who specialize in High Risk Life Insurance are experienced and know how to match insurance carriers with the different types of health risks. Frequently, individuals who suffer from high blook pressure, but that it is under control with medication, diet, etc., do qualify for STANDARD, or better, rates.

How Can We Help?

At INSURANCE GLOBE PARTNERS, we work with associates in the life insurance industry, and together we ascertain which cases may be placed and the life insurance companies to file the case with. To accomplish this goal, it essential to have as much information as possible relative to the life insurance applicant.

Life insurance companies review your medical history; the reason for your high blood pressure; a detail of the blood pressure-related medications currently being taking to control your high blood pressure; for how long you have been on blood pressure medications, etc. They also check the steps you are taking to improve your health and to lower your blood pressure.

If you suffer from HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, we will help you go through a process that will result in finding a life insurance policy that meets your personal and financial requirements. The information we will need from is contained in a questionnaire that you can access by clicking on the link that appears below:


Act Now!

If ;you still have questions, give us a call at our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376. Do not delay providing financial protection for your family and loved ones.There has never been a better time to buy life insurance than NOW!

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