High Risk Life Insurance – SLEEP APNEA

If you suffer of SLEEP APNEA and are looking for life insurance, please, read on. High Risk Life Insurance refers to people who currently have health issues or may have had health problems in the past and who now need life insurance. High Risk Life Insurance, or Impaired Risk Life Insurance, is a specialized part of the life insurance industry that aims at trying to place high risk individuals at affordable rates with top rated life insurance carriers.

 High risk individuals, from the life insurance company perspective are those applicants who do not meet the underwriting standards to qualify for the best underwriting class. These individuals also then to have a higher probability of dying earlier that other folks of the same age. Agents handling High Risk Life Insurance cases must be experienced and know which insurance carriers feel comfortable insuring different types of health risks.

At INSURANCE GLOBE PARTNERS, working with associates in the life insurance industry, we determine those cases than can be placed and the life insurance companies more likely to take the case. To achieve this goal, it is essential to have as much information up front as possible relative to the life insurance applicant.

This blog post focuses on SLEEP APNEA, a disorder where breathing stops and starts during sleep. Folks who suffer of SLEPP APNEA typically snore and experience fatigue and interruptions to oxygen flow. With the information that appears below we can start working on a case related to SLEEP APNEA:

  •  Male/Female
  • Date of Birth; Height; Weight
  • Tobacco Use
  • Amount of Coverage Desired
  • Type of Coverage (Term-Universal Life-Whole Life)
  • Family Health History
  • Date and Type of Diagnosis
  • Describe current treatment for SLEEP APNEA
  • Was surgery performed to correct the problem?
  • Have there been any side-effects and related details
  • What medications are being taken?
  • Description of other health problems

Once we obtain your health-related information, we start working on your behalf trying looking for the life insurance policy consistent with your needs.

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