second to die life insurance

…If You Are Not Ready for Whole Life Insurance…

If you are not ready for whole life insurance and are looking for a cheaper alternative, please read on!

Without doubt, whole life insurance is not only one of the top products of the industry, but also an important investment vehicle to be considered for wealth accumulation purposes, in particular if you are in the, well, wealth accumulation phase of your life. A properly structured whole life policy can offer: safety; tax-deferred growth; a competitive rate of interest; protection from creditors; does not limit how much money you can put in it; and it could be used as collateral, among other uses.

Whole life insurance is more costly than term and if you are looking for the benefits that whole life offer but find that your current budget just won’t allow you to make the necessary premium payments, you may go for a type of term life insurance the permits you to transition later in life into whole life. They perform as a bridge from term to perm. For instance, in you convert within the first 5 years of the policy, every dollar that you spend (in term premiums) can be recaptured and credited toward the first-year premium of a new permanent life insurance policy.

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