insurance for small business owners and the self-employed

Insurance For Small Businesses Owners and the Self-Employed

If you are a Small Business Owner or a Self-Employed person, you typically do not have an employer that controls your work or that deducts taxes from your earnings, and who, most likely, does not provide you with benefits such as medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, etc.,

For the IRS definition of Independent Contractor, please, click HERE.

If you are a Real Estate Agent, must likely you are an Independent Contractor responsible for;

  • paying your own taxes;
  • getting your own medical insurance, to ensure you can pay for medical services when sick;
  • buying life insurance to provide financial protection for your family in the event you are not around to do it;
  • getting your own disability insurance, in case you are not able to generate income because of a partial or permanent disability;
  • establishing your own retirement plan, so when the time comes you can retire and maintain your living style;

How Can We Help?

Except with regards to your taxes, we can help you address all the insurance needs outlined above.

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