Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

If you are searching for Life Insurance for Marijuana Users, please, read below.

Read About Life Insurance and Marijuana Smokers

If you are a marijuana smoker, whether an occasional “social marijuana smoker”, or simply use it as medication, and would like to obtain life insurance, the information that appears below should be on interest to you:

  • If you use marijuana and do not disclose it in the life insurance application, it is fraud.
  • If you are smoking marijuana illegally (without a medical prescription) and disclose it in the life insurance application, this information is protected by HIPPA laws; meaning, neither the agent nor the insurance company can report you to the authorities.
  • Many life insurance companies accept applications from marijuana users; occasional marijuana users frequently can obtain term life insurance for the usual periods of 10, 20, 30 years, etc., with rates comparable to those of cigarette smokers, which, by the way,  are substantially higher than those who do not use tobacco products.
  • As with all life insurance applications, the best rates are offered in connection with fully underwritten policies, which are those where the insurance company does a paramed exam. This paramed exam includes a blood examination which will reveal the THC contained in marijuana.
  • There are also available in the market no-medical exam policies where the life insurance company requires only a health questionnaire and no medical exam. Applicants who are marijuana users need to be reminded that if the fact that they use marijuana is not disclosed in the life insurance application, not only will they be committing fraud, but the insurance company will deny benefits on the basis of full disclosure in the application.

We May Be Able To Help You

marijuana smokers and life insurance

As independent life insurance agents licensed in most states in the US, we have access to the larger and higher rated life insurance companies in the country. We can work with you and, in a confidential manner before filing the application, identify those insurance companies interested in your case and provide you quotes for whatever combination of face amount and type of life insurance policy you may be interested in. We do appreciated the opportunity of offering our services and if interested, you may call us at our Toll Free Number(888) 950-8376, or click on Contact Us.

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