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Life Insurance Quotes and High Blood Pressure

Life Insurance Quotes and High Blood Pressure

Insurance companies take many factors into consideration when calculating your life insurance quotes.  Blood pressure is just one of the determining factors that go into calculatio life insurance quotes for high blood pressure.

If Your High Blood Pressure Is Treated With Medication

If you have high blood pressure that is treated and controlled with medication, you can still qualify for the best health class with some insurers.  When we run your life insurance quotes we will enter your average blood pressure reading and the number of years you have been taking blood medication into our software and it will give us life insurance quotes in order from lowest to highest premium.  We can help you determine which company will be most favorable for you based on how long you have been taking medication and how well controlled your blood pressure is.  If you don’t smoke, aren’t overweight and have normal cholesterol levels and no other risk factors besides having controlled high blood pressure, you should still be able to qualify for a great rate.  If your blood pressure is not controlled, your life insurance quotes will start to go up and you could even be declined.

Life insurance quotes for for people who have high blood pressure will vary depending on your age and gender.  Life insurance companies have guidelines for blood pressure which are different based on your age and gender.  If you have been prescribed medication to treat your high blood pressure and you are not taking it, you can expect to see higher life insurance quotes.

Do You Know Your Blood Pressure?life insurance quotes and high blood pressure

According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention about one-third of people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol don’t even know thay have it.  Often times people come to find out about their high blood pressure when they are examined for life insurance.  After getting past the initial shock they have to decide whether to accept the policy or not.  Usually, they are applying for preferred rates and end up being approved for standard rates.  If you accept a standard rating policy, you can petition the insurance company after one year to lower your premiums if your blood pressure is under control.

We Can Help You Find A Suitable Policy

Call our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376 and we will work with you to find the life insurance policy that fits your personal and financial goals.

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