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About Mortgage Life Insurance

If you are thinking about Mortgage Life Insurance, this article should be of interest to you. Having a big, luxurious family home is a dream shared by many Americans. Once the dream comes true, it is important to make sure your home is around for generations. Life insurance can help you hold onto your dream home if an unexpected tragedy should strike. You just have to think big when it comes to face amounts.

Why Should You Consider Mortgage Life Insurance?

A mortgage is one of the many financial risks in the life on an individual. By financial risk I mean a debt, or other financial obligation such as burial expenses, that in the event of the untimely death of the borrower creates a financial burden on his or her family. Ideally, an individual, or a couple, should analyze their total financial picture, including estate taxes, if applicable, and then decide how much life insurance they need in order to cover all their financial obligations in the event of the death of one, or the two (in the case of a couple) individual(s) financially and emotionally responsible for the family nucleus. In other words, you should have a financial plan and also review it periodically, at least annually, to ensure it is still current.

Term Life Insurance As An Optional Form of Mortgage Life Insurance

If for whatever reason, you are not ready to sit down with a financial planner and establish a financial plan that addresses all the financial risks in your life, you may want to go ahead now and buy life insurance just to cover your mortgage, which in many cases is the biggest financial risk in the life of the family. If so, term life insurance could be the policy of choice to eliminate the risk of premature death with a mortgage outstanding.

The good news is that Term Life Insurance is now as cheap as it has been in a long time. For instance, a couple made up of a 40 years old female and a 38 years old male, assuming both qualify for the best health category, can each purchase a $2,000,000 level term policy for 20 years, with him paying about $85 a month and her paying about $68 a month.

So What Do You Do?

As you initiate your search for a life insurance policy, consider the following:

  • Complete the REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION form to the right of this page and click “SEND”. Upon receipt, we will start working with you to find the life insurance policy that best meets your personal and financial goals. This will be the easiest way for you to find the policy you are looking for.
  • Or, if you like to do some exploring by yourself, use our QUOTE ENGINE (also on the right side of this page) to see what the premiums will be for the different types of polices, face amounts, maturities, etc, that may interest you. Once you have decided on a particular policy, we will help you get the application, file it with the life insurance company and through the entire process until the policy, if approved, is issued. And, be aware that with the first online quote you get using our QUOTE ENGINE, you will receive a Free Book – please, see details on the right side of this page.

If you would like a bit of help as to how to use the QUOTE ENGINE, please click on the link below:


But, please, do not delay getting started. Tomorrow we all will be older than today and the older we become the costlier life insurance will be. Also, as we get older it is likely that our health may begin to deteriorate, in which case, life insurance premiums will also be more expensive. So act now!


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Mortgage Life Insurance