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A) Company Data
Name of Business:
Person to call at company regarding this form:
Nature of Business:
Type of Business: Sole ProprietorshipPartnership"C" Corporation"S" CorporationPersonal Service Corp.Limited Liability CompanyOther
Calendar of Fiscal Year:
Business Owner(s) How Many?:
What % of Ownership Each Has:
Regarding Corporation
Total Number of Shares Outstanding:
Corporate Tax Bracket:
State of Incorporation:
Date of Incorporation:
Are Owners Still Active in Business?:
What is the approximate net worth of the business?:
Would you consider your business a good investment for your family if you were not active in it?:
Do you have a child or other relative now active in the business or one who intends to be active?: YesNo
Do your associates have children or other relatives now active in the business or any who intend to be active?: YesNo
Does the business have outstanding debts?: YesNo
Have you assumed personal liability for any business obligation (note or lease)?: YesNo
If yes, Type:

Average annual earnings of business:
Last Three Years:
Last Five Years:
Business Attorney:

Business Accountant:

B) Buy-Sell Planning
Is there a Buy-Sell Agreement in place?: YesNo
C) Key Person/Executive Benefits
In addition to yourself, do you have any other Key People in your business?: YesNo
If yes, How Many?:
Does the business own life insurance on these people?:

Do you provide Split-Dollar insurance for anyone in your business?: YesNo
Are there Deferred Compensation plans in place now?: YesNo
If NO, are there any Key Employees whom you would like to tie to the Company by providing them with retirement income and/or death benefits that they would lose if they left your Company?: YesNo
Are there Executive Bonus Plans in place?: YesNo
If NO, would you be interested in a way of providing life insurance
for yourself and/or any key people, with the premiums paid for and deducted by the Company?:
D) Qualified Sick Pay Plan
Does the Company have a long-term disability plan?: YesNo
Does the Company have individual disability policies for Key Personnel?: YesNo
E) Qualified Retirement Plans
Is there one or more qualified retirement plan in place?: YesNo
If YES, which type(s)?: Defined BenefitMoney PurchaseProfit Sharing401(k)SIMPLE IRASEP412(i)
F) Medical Benefits
Do you have a Medical Plan in place?: YesNo
Do you have a Dental Plan in place?: YesNo
Do you have a Vision Plan in place?: YesNo
If NO, to any of the above, would you like to consider implementing one or more of the above plans?: YesNo
G) Group Term Life Insurance
Does your Company currently have a Group Term Life Insurance Plan in place?: YesNo
If YES Are the costs too high?:
Would you like to provide additional coverage for Key Personnel?

If NO, would you like to evaluate implementing a Group Term Life Insurance plan?: YesNo
H) Business Overhead Expense Insurance
Do you currently have Business Overhead Expense Insurance in Place?: YesNo
If NO, would you like to evaluate the benefits of such a plan?: YesNo