return of premium term life insurance

Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance…With A Twist

Return Of Premium Term Life Insurance on Steroids!

Traditional Return of Premium Term Life Insurance is term life insurance where you pay a level (fixed) payment for a certain term (5, 10, 15, 20, etc., years) just as with regular term life insurance. However, when you purchase the Return of Premium rider, the insurance company will return all premiums paid if at the end of the term you are still alive and have paid all premiums as due.

The 10-10-10 Plan

AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, a member of AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC., (AIG) has  come up with a variation of the traditional Return of Premium Term Life Insurance, where you can buy permanent life insurance guaranteed to age 100 with Chronic Illness benefits, where you can:

  • Pay premiums for 10 years;
  • Wait (not pay premiums) for 10 years;
  • Get your money back over 10 years – as a supplemental retirement income?

Hypothetical Example

Situation – George is 50 years old and looking for $1,000,000 of coverage for his family. He wants to provide life insurance for the benefit of his spouse well into retirement, but sees that need dropping as he approaches the latter retirement years. He is also concerned about the impact of a chronic illness on his retirement.

Solution – George pays $24,000 a year for 10 years. Then, he pays NOTHING, for 10 years. Then, he takes $24,000 a year out of the policy for 10 years (tax free) using a unique feature of the policy, namely, The Lifetime Income Solution! This withdrawal of $24,000 a year for 10 years will reduce the amount of life insurance coverage to $430,000.

Insurance Benefit – $1,000,000 to age 70; then, it steps down to $430,000 by age 80 and continues to age 100, guaranteed!

This life insurance policy is available now with AIG (American International Group, Inc.). GET YOUR PERSONALIZED NO-OBLIGATIONS RETURN OF PREMIUM LIFE INSURANCE QUOTE BY CALLING (888) 950-8376; OR CLICK HERE

You can obtain a consumer brochure about this policy/product by either:

  • calling our Toll Free Number (888) 950-8376;
  • or write to;
  • or click HERE to view the brochure and also be able to download it by clicking DOWNLOAD on the page that will open.

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