Term Life Insurance Quote No Medical Exam

Term Life Insurance Quote No Medical Exam

How does one obtain a term life insurance quote with no medical exam. The most common and frequent type of underwriting required to obtain a life insurance policy is Full Underwriting.

With full underwriting the insurance company sends a paramedic to your home to obtain blood and urine samples, check your blood pressure and height and weight and possibly do a resting EKG too.  The paramedic technician will also ask you several “yes” or “no” health questions. In addition, the insurance company will ask your doctor to provide your medical records, which you authorize them to do so as part of the life insurance application process. The insurance company then reviews all of this health-related information about the life insurance applicant and proceeds to issue a health rating, which may be one of the following: PREFERRED PLUS; PREFERRED; STANDARD PLUS, or STANDARD, or similar terms. Or, if the applicant’s health warrants it, they could go even lower and do what is call “RATE” the case. As you can anticipate, the worse the health category, the more costly the policy premium.

Simplified Underwriting

Underwriting that does not require a medical exam is called SIMPLIFIED UNDERWRITING. In this type of underwriting the insurance company will just ask you some “yes” or “no” health questions on the application and there will be no medical exam.  But, in most instances, even for a no-medical-exam policy, the insurance company will also obtain medical records from your physician.

Fully Underwritten or No Medical Exam?

There are advantages to going through a full underwriting process which includes a medical exam, etc..  If you are in good health you can qualify for a preferred health discount. The insurance company will require a physical exam, as described previously, in order to obtain your lab results and assure themselves that you are a preferred risk.  As you might imagine, if you can prove that you are in good health by taking a medical exam, there is very little risk that you will die prematurely and, therefore, the insurance company can insure your life at a much lower rate.

Some folks, understandably, do not like to submit to a medical exam. They may be concerned with finding out about some disease, or physical condition, they were not aware they had.  You might find out that you have high cholesterol, high blood sugar or elevated liver enzymes, for example. But, is it not better to find out sooner rather than later that you need medical attention?

We don’t recommend and advise you against attempting to get a no-medical-exam life insurance policy, as a means to try to hide a diagnosis from an insurance company.  If you provide false or incomplete information on your life insurance policy the insurance company could refuse to pay the death benefits. And, it may be considered fraud too.

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